Contemporary Wedding

Turn Your Plans Into Real With Best Wedding Planners Of Bihar

Some people look for a beautiful place for marriage ceremony we make the place beautiful. Marriage is much more than a one day celebration because it is a high turning point in everyone’s life and memory builded on such ocation goes along for a lifetime. We provide best wedding planner of patna to give you some quick jot down points on how to make the special day much more special.

A successful marriage ceremony requires awesome wedding planning from decoration to groom’s or bride’s apparel. Any Indian wedding have different kind of rituals which spreads across many days therefore we issuer you to turning out with the best of everything for each stage of wedding celebrations. Since, We have committed to through your celebration at the highest point of satisfaction and we understand everyone have their own wishes and dreams therefore, we give full attention in fulfilling the requirements so that you can really enjoy the spatial day.

Modern Wedding

Take Advantage Of Popular Residency If You Are Planning For Modern Wedding

At Popular Residency we are passionately dedicated to helping people in celebrating their spatial moments of life. In particular, inspiring and assisting people to create the wedding of their wildest dreams. Most of the couple dreams out-of-the-box wedding style, all to make their wedding memorable and outstanding.

We take care of all tiny supplies needed for Modern Wedding : For the execution of Modern Wedding a couple need to choose a wedding planner who can help out in selecting correct supply resources and we have best wedding planner of Patna.

Need not to worry about budget: As we are most popular banquet hall in patna and have organised plenty of Modern Wedding. Sometimes couple’s families overextending their budgets just because of a lack of foresight so that we provide amenities which suits all kind of budget size.

So if you are going to be a groom or a bride then choose Modern Wedding to give a touch of style and make your one day celebration much more delightful. Do not worry about the preparation because it is our responsibility to make your dream come true.

Traditional Wedding

Have A Perfectly Organised Lavish Traditional Wedding Party

In India wedding ceremonies consist of several rituals and rites, begins from the pre-wedding ceremonies like Haldi, Sangit, Mehndi and ending in the post wedding ceremonies like Mooh Dikhai, Vidaai, Griha Pravesh, Dwar-Rokai, Reception, and Pag Phera.

The religious, cultural, and regional diversity calls in for a variety of customs and rituals being followed by different Indian marriages. Whatever, the rituals are followed but the fervor and the feeling behind all the marriage is same. People can find differences only in ceremonies, traditions and rituals in different parts of India.

We, Popular Residency in patna will take care of the entire event by making it a day to remember for those experiencing wedding ceremony. Our wedding planners conjure the perfect traditional wedding for you. Our grand banquet spaces, indoor as well as outdoor, are equipped with customised settings. At Popular Residency, your guests can relish in the charming accommodations throughout the big event.

Theme Wedding

Popular Residency ensures that event must go on perfectly

Wedding is the most special occasion for both groom and bride. For a marriage ceremony we design, create and co-ordinate theme weddings as per the desire of clients. Our wedding planners ensembles innovative ideas, systematic planning and creative execution to make the celebration on the tap of style.

Every bride and groom spends big on a dress, food, banquet hall and much more so it’s worth putting some effort on it. Popular Residency is the best banquet hall in patna and have in house wedding planner who arranges other intentional things of marriage ceremony very well.

Style, space, availability and cost all come into play when you choose your venu according Theme Wedding planning. Since, marriage is considered as a lifetime affair, which is celebrated just once. As a result, it becomes an event to be cherished and to make fond memories for the rest of the life. Our broad stage makes bride and groom feel elated as they are treated royally on the occasion.

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